Secret Pages


That's right, we have made a secret page... you will just have to find it yourselves though! It's hard to find, but when you do you'll find secret facts about James you won't find anywhere else on the web... all those really odd things we all have about ourselves... Yes we know you all want a hint... all we can say though is... it's a secret! Yup, that's your hint! What kind of hint is that, you ask? Believe me, it's all you need to know!


On this page you will find personal quotes of James wit and wisdom from his daily life. Remember, on secret pages you find things not available anywhere else on the web. Ok here's your hint: It's the reverse of secret page number 1.


Here you will find insane pictures of James... For this page, you have to do a Good Cause and send an e-mail to us telling us what school and what teacher you voted for. Please also include the city and state/province of your school. If you know your school's website that would be a HUGE help! We will then e-mail the teacher (we will not mention your name!) and once that happens, we will send you a clue of how to find the 3rd secret page!


This begins a series of the most amazing of the secret pages... This is the big surprise for fans... It will probably take about 8 secret pages to encapsle the entire thing... but it is worth it... you guys will freak! This one you have to find secret page 2... then click around for the clue... It's hidden!


Ok your clue is: xsbsfs Yea... normally typing with both hands on the proper keys makes typing faster and easier... but not when you get your hands misplaced onto the wrong keys when you're typing that way! You need to unscramble that clue word to get to the secret hint for page number 5. Has James ever been in love? You'll find out when you find the Secret Page!


Alright for secret page 6 you all have to work together! Random fans online have been given a couple letters of the secret word(s). You have to just message eachother and find all the letters and then unscramble those letters to make the secret word(s).